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Dell USB 2.0 Stereo Multimedia Speaker MODEL - AX-210



Rs.699.00 Rs.999.00
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Type: Multimedia speakers

Brand: Dell

Channel Configuration: Two channels

Incorporates a space saving design

High quality audio output and functionality

Compatibility: DVD player, music players, mobile phone, laptop, PC

Connectivity: USB,Total power output: 1.2W,Digital amplifier: Integrated

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    Striking Looks and Portable---------- Transform your laptop into a high quality speaker system with the Dell USB 2.0 stereo speaker. The outer body of these speakers feature a glossy matte finish, presenting a simple yet elegant design. Its compact size and design does not consume much space, making it ideal for simple portability. It incorporates a two channel configuration with two multimedia stereo speakers. The drivers of this multimedia speaker system are carefully encased behind its glossy exterior. A power on/off and volume control button is located at the top of these multimedia speakers within easy reach.----------------------------------------------------------------- Enhanced and High Quality Audio---------------------------------------- Despite its compact size, this Dell stereo multimedia speaker system delivers loud, clear sounds. Enjoy the enhanced sound effects echoing through the speakers while you watch horror or action movies. It delivers rich, low bass sounds and shifts seamlessly between high and low frequencies. Listening to mellow music genres like classic, jazz and blues have never been more enjoyable with the melodious audio flowing through these Dell speakers. You will enjoy the clear, crisp sound quality while you make voice and video calls on your PC or laptop. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Multiple Connectivity Options----------------------------------- You can connect your mobile phones, laptops, music players and other digital devices to this Dell multimedia speaker system. These speakers come with a USB port that can be easily connected to your digital devices. Simply connect them to watch the latest movies and play your favourite music. For optimum performance and high quality sound delivery, these USB multimedia speakers consume 1.2W of power, making them an energy efficient device. You can place these speakers on your work desk, computer table or even set them on the bed.